Ride-On Vibrating Drum Rollers

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Ride-On Vibrating Drum Roller – 12000kg
Operation Weight: 12000kg
Static Linear Load: 226n/cm
Vibration: 50hz @ 80kn
Speed: 13km/h
Max Grade: 25 degrees
Single Drum
Diesel Motor
12 ton
Vibrating drum
Ride-on Vibrating Drum Roller
Operating Weight: 3000kg
Max Speed: 7.8km/h
Turning Radius: 4500mm
Drum Size: 1100 x 780mm
Wheel Base: 2050mm
Diesel Motor
3 ton
Ride-On Vibrating Drum Roller – 790kg
Speed: 0-4km/h
Vibration Frequency: 70Hz
Force: 20kn
Size: 1930(L) x 815(W) x 1790(H)mm
Weight: 790kg
TURNER MORRIS Pedestrian Roller Petrol GX390 1 Ton
TURNER MORRIS Contractor Pedestrian Roller Petrol

The Contractor pedestrian roller is used to compact asphalt, sand, soil, gravel and sports surfaces.
Filled with quality hydraulic pump. the rear drum vibration and manual steering ensures easy maneuvering.
The Honda GX270 engine ensures excellent performance and easy to start-up.
The adjusting height mechanism of handrail enable handle storage in an upright position that makes this machine easy to transport.
Fitted with NSK bearings and MITSUBISHI V-belts.
This machine is Plastic treated, anti-rust, anti- corrosion and beautiful.
1 Ton
Ride-on Vibrating Drum Roller – 8000kg
Operation Weight: 8000kg
Static Linear Load: 226n/cm
Vibration: 50hz @ 80kn
Speed: 12 km/h
Max Grade: 25 degrees
Drum: 1700mm wide / 1220mm Diameter
Diesel Motor
8 ton
Vibrating drum
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